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Estate Planning


At Francomano & Francomano, our experience and expertise with drafting wills often enable our clients to reduce or eliminate death taxes and to guide you through the complicated probate process. If you would like legal advice or assistance with drafting your will, we can help you.

When you work with us to set up your estate we can:

  • Answer any questions about what you can and can't include in your will.
  • Tell you how to draft your will.
  • Draft more complex instructions for how you would like your money or property to be handled.
  • Help you set up trusts for certain beneficiaries.
  • Ensure that your will cannot be contested.
  • Oversee the signing of your will. Ensure that your will is in compliance with Maryland law.
It is important for your will to say exactly what you want it to so that no unintentional consequences occur.

Estate Planning can bring you peace of mind and simplify the process of retirement planning. Most people understand the importance of drafting a comprehensive will and estate plan. They want to have a say in who gets their estate after they die. The best way to ensure this happens is by writing a will. However, many people just never get around to it. Our firm will provide you with the four essential documents that you will need when the time comes. Those documents are:

Last Will and Testament – A will is a legal document that can include details such as who (known as the beneficiaries) will inherit what property and money from you, who will take care of your underage children, and what to do with your remains after your death. Making a will is very important, for if you don't create one and you pass away, it will be up to the state of Maryland to decide what will happen to your property and who will care for your children.

Power of Attorney for Financial - This Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives, a person you designate, control over your assets. It only becomes effective at your incapacitation.

Power of Attorney for Health Care - This Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives, a person you designate, control over your health care decisions. It only becomes effective at your incapacitation.

Advanced Health Care Directive - (also known in Maryland as a Living Will) is a legal document stating a person’s wishes regarding the medical care that they either desire or don’t want, in the event that they become unable to state their own wishes. A living will is binding and health care providers must follow its directions.

10 QUESTIONS That we can answer for you

  1. I do not have a large estate, why do I need an estate plan?
  2. What happens if I die without a Will?
  3. Is it important to have an Advance Directive or Power of Attorney?
  4. Who should I appoint to make decisions for me if I can no longer make them for myself?
  5. What is a guardianship?
  6. Can’t I just get forms online for my estate planning?
  7. What should I do with my original documents?
  8. Should I put someone else on my bank accounts and Deeds?
  9. Are there Maryland State and Federal taxes associated with my estate?
  10. What will happen with my life insurance and retirement plan when I pass?


Have you moved to another state since you last will was signed? Do you have new children or grandchildren? Have you lost a family member? Do you want to establish or change your charitable giving? Have you or one of your children gotten divorced? Has your estate increased? Have the State or Federal tax laws changed?

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